Get my new iPhone 11 Pro, not MAX

My iPhone X screen was broken when the world was put in lockdown mode two month ago due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Fortunately I was able to make backup to my computer and restore to my old iPhone 6s Plus, so I can make phone call and receive messages, but I need an new phone.

Few days ago, I order my new phone from Apple, and delivered this morning. It is an 256GB space gray iPhone Pro, with (PRODUCT RED) case.

iPhone 11 Pro may not be a choice for many people, the screen size and battery life is smaller and less than iPhone 11 Pro Max, but price was much higher than iPhone 11 without OLED. People intend to choose large screen phone when budget is not an issue, and for people want cheaper phone without sacrifice performance iPhone 11 will be their choice.

I want an better screen phone, therefor iPhone 11 with only LCD was out of my list. The new camera system on Pro series is also a plus.

My wife is using iPhone 11 Max Pro, although the screen is great, it too big and too heave for me to hold with one hand. With 5.8 inch iPhone 11 Pro I can still touch top left cornet with only my right hand, but there is no way to complete operate an 6.5 inch Pro Max without help from another hand.

As iPhone with 5G support will be available this year, I probably switch to new iPhone 12 and make this iPhone as the shortest-lived phone on my hands.

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DIY Apple USB 充电器

同时要给多个设备充电是一件非常麻烦的事情,而同时要给2个iPad,iPhone,HTC G14,iPod Touch,iPod Nano充电就是一件非常痛苦的事情了,特别是给2个iPad充电。和其他用电器不同,iPad需要2A的充电电流,这意味着2个iPad就要用掉20W的功率。每个设备使用自带的原装充电器自然是好,不过数个充电器不仅仅占用数个接线板插口和桌面空间,而且非常不美观,所以多接口充电器便是十分必要的。