Today, a hard working day, stay in server room from 2:00 PM yesterday to 6:00AM today. Lots of things has been finished, including most part of physical networking setup. Now it look like a proper setup for corporation environment.

Achievement for today:

  1. Finish cabling for network and SAN,
  2. Setup and configure both network and SAN switches,
  3. Setup VLAN and Layer 3 switching on router and switches,
  4. Redo IP assignment for each VLAN,
  5. Redo ESXi network,
  6. Redo storage network,
  7. Reconfigure VM networking.

Basically, most hardware setup and configuration is complete, a lot of time was pend on cable management. There was some issues with ESXi iSCSI discovery and my storage VLANs, but they all get fixed.

Next step will be network policy setup, and perhaps some redundancy test.