I bought a Mikrotik CCR1009-8G-1S-1S+ several years ago and use as my main router at home. It was relatively quiet with lower load when put on a shelf, but after I move to the new apartment and put it into a network cabinet, the noise was much higher especially in hot summer. So I decided to replace the factory fan with something quilter.

My first choice is Noctua fans, Mikrotik CCR1009-8G-1S-1S+ use two Chiefly-Choice 40x40x20mm fan but Noctua was only offer 40x40x10mm fan then. And it was not looking good as the 10mm fan will leaving a gap between fan and shield.

And now Noctua offer 20cm fan as model NF-A4x20, and I bought two 3-pin, 12volte version for replacing the stock Chiefly-Choice fans. Note Mikrotik CCR1009-8G-1S-1S+ only support two 12v fan without PWM, not all Noctua 40mm fan fit this requirement.

CC 4020B12M
NF-A4x20 FLX
Max RPM70005000
Voltage (V)1212
Current (A)0.080.05
Input Power (Watts)0.960.6
Airflow (cfm / m³/h)8.60 / 14.615.53 / 9.4
Static pressure (mm H2O)5.12.26
Noise (dbA)28.5014.9
Connector & pin-configuration3-pin3-pin

Compare stock Chiefly-Choice fan and Noctua fan, the Noctua is quilter and running with lower RPMs and less airflow, however my router usually run on less and 30% load (even VPN connection and 20+ rules), Noctua should have enough pressure and airflow for my use case. If your router is running with high load, it’s better to use high airflow fans. But if you always full loaded an CCR1009-8G-1S-1S+ router, they are likely placed in an office environment or as a test device, so the noise should be an issue for you.

The fan replacement is easy, remove the stock fan, and replace then the Noctua one.

Be careful, the 3-pin header on board does not have fool-proof design, so do not plugin in wrong way.

The finish job.

With 16w power consumption, and 26C ambient temperature in network cabinet, the fan manage to keep CPU temperature around 50-51C – very close to stock fan, with much lower noise.

[[email protected]] /system health> print
                    fan-mode: auto
                     use-fan: main
                  active-fan: main
          cpu-overtemp-check: yes
      cpu-overtemp-threshold: 100C
  cpu-overtemp-startup-delay: 1m
                     voltage: 24.2V
                     current: 670mA
                 temperature: 31C
             cpu-temperature: 51C
           power-consumption: 16.4W
                  psu1-state: ok
                  psu2-state: ok
                  fan1-speed: 3647RPM
[[email protected]] /system health>